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The Opportunity Scholars Program would like to welcome you to our website! We have provided this information for your convenience and for quick answers to many frequently asked questions.


Who are we?
What can we do for you?
What are the costs?
Who is eligible?
How do I apply?


Who are we?
OSP is a federally funded TRIO program which is part of the Student Support Services. OSP is designed to enhance the educational experience of USC Union's first generation college students. We provide academic and cultural support services designed to help make the adjustment to college life easier for our students.


What can we do for you?
We offer several services including:
Bullet Developmental assistance for those who need assistance in the areas of math, reading and english (this is done through computer based training),
Bullet A formal introduction and orientation to the campus,
Bullet Scholarship and financial aid information,
Bullet Personal, career and academic counseling and assessments,
Bullet Supplemental instruction in English for those students that need specialized attention.
Bullet Individualized or small group tutoring is available in English, Science, Math, Social Sciences, Spanish and Computer Science,
Bullet Workshops on various topics,
Bullet Exposure to cultural enrichment activities, community service opportunities, and educational opportunities,
Bullet Transferring assistance, and
Bullet Networking opportunities through mentoring.

What are the costs to participants?
Joining OSP is free; however, members are required to attend three workshops during the school year and to see their counselor twice a semester.

Who is eligible?
The requirements to take advantage of OSP services are two fold. You must be either first generation, limited-income or have a disability. The second criteria is that of academic need. First generation students are those whose parents have not completed a four-year college degree. Limited income is determined by calculating 150% of the current poverty level. Medical conditions that require long-term treatment are considered disabilities. Academic need can be low SAT’s, low ACT’s, low diagnostic testing, low high school grades, low class grades or students who have been out of school for more than 5 years. You must also be a US citizen and be enrolled for classes at USC Union.

How to apply?
Simply pick up an application in the OSP office (Room 106) or in the OSP Lab (Room 209). Complete the front and back of this application and return it to OSP.



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