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University of South Carolina - Union

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South Carolina State Jobs


South Carolina Department of Workforce Employment (click on "Find A job")


US Government Job/Career


USC System Career Center Click on the USC System Job Mate Job Posting Board- *Note-registration is free to all currently enrolled USC students (or alumni who graduated with the previous 12 months):


Temporary employment agencies in this area are constantly looking for good workers. Don't overlook temporary employment agencies as a way to not only get a job but gain experience. The following links are to three of the major regional temp agencies in the Union area.


Instructional Guidance for the Job Seeker


1. How to Tie a Tie

2. Help with Interview Questions

3. Advice of How to Dress for the Interview

4. Dealing with Past Arrests/Convictions

5. More Info About Arrests/Convictions/Terminations

6. What to Wear to an Interview




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