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Welcome to the USC Union Student and Alumni Career Center

This page is provided as an employment related resource to current and former students of USC Union. In addition to the resources offered on this site, staff in the Continuing Education program office (located in the USC Founders House) can provide personalized assistance with job interview skills and resume preparation efforts by appointment. For more information contact the USC Founders House at (864) 424-8037 or by email Good luck in your job or career efforts and never give up!


South Carolina State Jobs


South Carolina Department of Workforce Employment (click on "Find A job")


US Government Job/Career


USC System Career Center Click on the USC System Job Mate Job Posting Board- *Note-registration is free to all currently enrolled USC students (or alumni who graduated with the previous 12 months):


Temporary employment agencies in this area are constantly looking for good workers. Don't overlook temporary employment agencies as a way to not only get a job but gain experience. The following links are to three of the major regional temp agencies in the Union area.


Instructional Guidance for the Job Seeker


1. How to Tie a Tie

2. Help with Interview Questions

3. Advice of How to Dress for the Interview

4. Dealing with Past Arrests/Convictions

5. More Info About Arrests/Convictions/Terminations

6. What to Wear to an Interview




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