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·       The  MWOM/AAA (Men and Women on a Mission/African American Association) are organizations ·       that try to empower all students, and teach leadership skills wherever possible, with a special ·       focus on minority and women.  



·        To approach the community through outreach efforts.  
·        To increase awareness about health related and community based projects.  
·        To work closely with SGA and other student organizations.
·        To promote diversity and multicultural events.


Past Projects

·        AIDS workshop to increase awareness about AIDS (lunch provided).
·        Celebrating Black History Month (lunch provided).
·        Adopt-a-family project (funds and materials provided by volunteers and members).
·        Bringing educational speakers on campus (workshop on AIDS, depression, and other related
·        subjects).

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PO Drawer 729 Union, SC 29379 • 864-424-8100