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Subject Guide to Electronic Databases

 Biography, History, and Reference
 Biography and Genealogy Index
 Biography Resource Center and Who's Who
 Britannica Online
 Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
 General Reference Center
 Religion Case Reporter

 Business Source Premier
 General Business File ASAP
 Regional Business News
 Source OED
 WisonWeb Omni File

 Health, Nursing, Pharmacy
 Clinical Pharmacology
 Health and Wellness Reference Center
 Health Reference Center Academic
 Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
 Merck Index
 Science Direct
 Science's Next Wave
 Web of Science

 Humanities/English and Literature
 Academic Search Premier
 American History and Life
 Expanded Academic Abstract
 Historical Abstracts
 InfoTrac OneFile
 Literature Resource Center
 MLA Directory of Periodicals
 Scribner Writer Series
 WisonWeb Omni File

 Law and Government Documents
 Military & Government Collection
 Law Library Microfilm Consortium

 Custom Newspapers
 The State (Newspaper)

 Psychology, Sociology, Education
 Academic Search Premier
 Expanded Academic Abstract
 MAS Ultra- School Edition
 Primary Search
 Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
 Source OED
 WisonWeb Omni File

 Science & Technology
 Academic Search Premier
 ACS Web Editions
 Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 Community of Science
 Community of Science Agricola
 Community of Science Federal Register
 Community of Science Medline
 Community of Science US Patents
 Computer Source
 EBSCO Animals
 InfoTrac OneFile
 Leibert Online
 Science Direct
 Science's Next Wave
 Web of Science



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