Friday, September 10, 2004, 11:00 AM – Community Room, Central Building


Present: Buchanan, Wright, Charles, Fatemi, Gavalas, Ivey, Stokes, Murphy, Simpson

Absent: Kearse, Edwards,

Absent: Edwards, Kearse, Young, Holcombe, Jett

I. Reading/Approval of Minutes of May 7, 2004

The minutes were approved unanimously although Dr. Buchanan noted that the Faculty Handbook has not been updated to reflect changes to the Early Academic Intervention Program adopted in May. Faculty Welfare Committee was asked to make the necessary changes and update to the Faculty Handbook as required.

II. Fall Elections as per Faculty Organization By-Laws

A. System Grievance: Affirmed Dr. Wright as representative to System Grievance

B. Tenure and Promotions: Dr Buchanan, Dr. Charles, Dr, Wright) affirmed.

C. Adjunct Members: Upon motion by Dr. Buchanan, seconded by Dr. Murphy, Mr. Ivey, Dr. Gavalas, Mr. Kearse, Mrs. Stokes, and any other adjunct faculty person who may attend meetings of the faculty organization were elected to membership on the USCU Faculty Organization for the 2004-2005 academic year.

III. Reports of Standing Committees

A. Faculty Advisory – Dr. Charles

No report.

B. Academic Affairs – Dr. Buchanan

No Report

C. Student Affairs – Dr. Murphy

No report although Dr. Murphy indicated that the Committee has met on several occasions to take care of routine matters.

D. Financial Affairs – Mr. Simpson

No report.

E. Faculty Welfare – Dr. Wright

No report although Dr. Wright indicated the Committee would make updates to the Faculty Handbook as per the revised Early Academic Intervention Program.

F. Regional Campuses Faculty Senate – Dr. Murphy

Report posted to listserv (Attachment I) In addition to his posted report, Dr. Murphy stress that portion of his report indicating that "each regional campus needs to make itself visible in a positive manner by publishing efforts of students, faculty, staff, administrations, and the campus as a whole". After much discussion, the matter was referred to the membership as a whole for study, reflection, and research until the next Faculty Organization Meeting in October, as which time a Public Relations Committee responsible for promoting public awareness of USCU in all areas will be considered.

G. Columbia Senate – Dr. Wright

The Senate met June 23, 2004, to consider change in criteria for admission to the University. A report on these changes will be forth coming. Dr. Sorensen reported to the Senate that the University is operating on a 25 million dollar deficit as the budget was cut 65 million and tuitions cover approximately 40 million. In spite of budget shortfall, new faculty will be hired, primarily in area of research—the catch is most new faculty will have to generate their salaries from grants, etc.

IV. Reports of Special Committees

A. Staff Organization – Ms. Jett

No report.

B. Recruitment/Retention – Mr. Young

No report.

C. Financial Aid – Mr. Holcombe

No report.

D. Laurens Report

No report although it was announced that search for the administrative assistant to staff the Laurens office was underway, (as is the search for an academic dean).

Dr. Buchanan indicated that faculty who teach in Laurens will need to get their course suggestions and selections into him ASAP as he will begin preparing the Spring, 2005 schedule in early October, 2004. The same holds true for faculty who teach in Union.

E. OSP Report – Ms. Stokes

Posted to listserv (Attachment II).

F. Peer Review – Mr. Kearse

No report.

G. Institutional Effectiveness – Mr. Simpson

The FO thanked Mr. Simpson again for the excellent work he did on leading the revision to the early academic intervention program, as well as the work he is presently doing in caring out the mechanics of the program. Mr. Simpson indicated we should be pleased with out 30% increase in enrollment, cautioning that we should do everything, including offering additional courses, to retain the growth.

V. Dean’s Report – Dean Edwards

No report

VI. Unfinished Business


VII. New Business

Dr. Charles raised the issue of students parking on unpaved areas, expressing concern that if care is not taken, our grassy areas will become mud holes. After much discussion, the following actions were taken:

Each faculty member is to discretely but clearly encourage students to park only on paved parking areas.

A leaflet outlining parking regulations (especially warning against parking on grassy areas) will be printed and distributed to students, including placing leaflet on automobile windshields.

VIII. Announcements


IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM





To: USCU Faculty Meeting – September 10, 2004

From: Peter Murphy

Re: Report from Executive Committee Faculty Retreat

August 16, 2004,

Thornwell Building

Dr. Becker has been announced as replacement to Dr. Odom as Provost. The Regional Campuses Academic Advisory Committee meetings will resume this fall.

Palmetto College continues to be a priority for regional campus administrators, and they have the support of President Sorenson in this endeavor. It is hoped that a substantial number of courses be offered by Fall 2005.

Leaves for sabbatical requests must be submitted by December 1, 2004.

The Commission for Higher Education will form an accountability work group, which will monitor regional campuses.

Dr. Plyler emphasized that each regional campus needs to make itself visible in a positive manner by publishing efforts of students, faculty, staff, administration, and the campus as a whole.

Dr. Plyler will be delivering Palmetto College presentation in the fall. Two projected locations are the Fort Jackson and Laurens campuses.

Charges for the Rights and Responsibilities Committee this year will include pay and absenteeism, Tenure and Promotion service areas, RCAAC terms, and manual maintenance.

Charges for the Welfare Committee this year will deal with salaries, the Tenure and Promotion workshop, and grant workshops.

Charges for the System Affairs Committee for this year will include various matters related to Palmetto College and contracts.

Regional Campus Faculty Senate meetings will be 9/17, 11/19, 2/11, and 4/15.

Remaining Executive Committee meetings will be 10/29, 1/28, and 4/1.

USCU meetings dates for the fall are 9/10, 10/8, 11/12, and 12/3.

RCAAC meeting dates have yet to be set.

A recommendation was made that the various departments, e.g., math departments, history departments, social science departments, and so forth meet periodically in Columbia. Thornwell was suggested as a meeting place.

Presently, revisions to the Regional Campuses Faculty Manual are being undertaken by the executive committee, many in relation to changes in the size of the regional campus system, terms, names, dates, and so forth.



From : Tammy Stokes <twstokes@GWM.SC.EDU>

Sent : Friday, September 10, 2004 9:39 AM


Subject : OSP Report - September, 2004

OSP is getting into full swing for the fall semester. The Grant is

complete and now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed that

we'll get approved for another 4 years. We will probably not hear

anything until the Spring, but we'll keep you all posted.

Our PMT's are on board and ready to serve in the OSP Lab. PMT's this

semester are:

Melissa Holden

Jonathon Prince

Tanya Breitenbach

Mallori Lancaster

Brandie Montgomery

Ricky Farr

Please encourage students to utilize their services. They can help with

one-on-one assistance or helping set up study groups.

Upcoming OSP events

Sept. 13th: Test taking skills workshop

Sept. 27th: SCOIS Introduction

Oct. 1st: USC Upstate Fabulous Friday

Oct. 4th: Faculty Roundtable with Dr. Gavalas

Please don't hesitate to contact the OSP staff if you'd like for us to

help you or struggling students. That's what we're here for--please use


Tammy Weaver Stokes, Director

Opportunity Scholars Program

University of S.C. Union

(864) 429-8728, ext. 7732


Respectfully Submitted

Anthony N. Gavalas, D. Min.


USCU Faculty Organization