3 November 2006

Smart Classroom – C109


Present: Buchanan, Charles, J. Edwards, V. Edwards, Fouts, Gavalas, Ivey, Kearse, Rowland, Simpson, Stokes

Absent: Fatemi, Holcomb, Lee, Young

 I. Reading and Approval of Minutes of April 2006 and August 2006 Meetings.

Minutes were corrected and approved.


    A.     Faculty Advisory – No report

    B.     Academic Affairs – Posted to listserv (Attachment I). The committee will be working on concurrent programs (Simpson & Shaw), new programs (Rowland), critical thinking (Fouts) and the Awards Program (Stokes, Angie Eubanks & Stacy Rice).

    C.     Student Affairs – The committee has met to review admissions files.

    D.     Financial Affairs – No report

    E.      Faculty Welfare – Prof. Simpson asked to committee to convene, select a chair and to work with him on devising and Faculty Satisfaction Survey to be administered in the spring.

    F.    Regional Campuses Faculty Senate – Prof. Simpson reported that Prof. Fatemi said the Faculty Welfare Committee is discussing summer and overload pay. Dr. Buchanan said that at the Provost’s Advisory Council meeting, Dr. Becker was adamant on the issues of external review and indexing (hierarchical classification) of journals as they apply to faculty in the tenure track.

    G.    Columbia Senate – The proposed new honor code can be found at: www.sc.edu/academicintegrity/pdf/ProposedUSCHonorCode.pdf.


    A.     Staff Organization – No report

    B.     Recruitment/Retention – Prof. Simpson reported that in the Staff Organization meeting that Mr. Young announced that there was an 13% increase in headcount and an 11% increase in FTE.

    C.     Financial Aid – No report

    D.     Laurens Campus – No report

    E.      OSP Report – Posted to listserv (Attachment II)

    F.      Peer Review Report – Posted to listserv (Attachment III)

    G.     Institutional Effectiveness – Prof. Simpson reported that a new Evaluation of Instruction form had been created and that he was hopeful a computerized version would be available for use for Spring 2007.

IV. Deans’ Report

Dean Edwards and Dr. Rowland presented a joint report. (Attachment IV)


The Academic Affairs committee withdrew its proposal to abolish the Best All-Around Academic award. The committee will be restructuring the Awards Program for the spring semester.


Dr. Valarie Edwards agreed to serve on the Smoking Task Force.   

VII. Announcements

The next meeting of the faculty organization will be on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 10a in Room C109 (Smart Classroom).

VIII. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15p.


The Academic Affairs committee met on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 12p.

*Angie Eubanks and Stacey Rice are the members of the committee from the SGA.

*Dr. Rowland updated the committee on the LSP Robotics Center that USC Union will co-manage with Spartanburg Community College.

*Mr. Simpson will be investigating the possibility of offering online courses beginning in Fall 2007. The committee will develop policies and procedures for offering the courses and will work with Dr. Rowland on determining proper compensation.

*Dr. Fouts will be spearheading efforts to improve critical thinking skills and their assessment.

* Dr. Shaw will continue to work on the writing improvement project.

*The committee decided to table at this time its motion to the Faculty Organization concerning the Best All-Around Academic Award. Dr. Rowland said he would like to see the awards program restructured and made more meaningful. The committee agreed and decided to form a subcommittee to look into the matter. Ms. Stokes, Ms. Eubanks and Ms. Rice will work to devise a new system to be implemented for the Spring 2007 Awards Night.

The next meeting of the Academic Affairs committee will be on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 12p.


OSP has had an exciting and busy semester. It is hard to believe we are registering for the Spring semester already. 

This semester we've had workshops focusing on building note taking skills, building relationships on campus and organizational skills. We had a Faculty Roundtable with Dr. Avery Fouts. On October 6th, we visited the USC Upstate campus to attend their Fabulous Friday. Next Monday, Bobby Holcombe will talk to OSP students about financial aid

On Thursday, Nov. 16th, OSP will be partnering with the University 101 classes to welcome Sue Hovey, Nutritionist with the Clemson Extension Office, as she discusses the importance of making wise nutritional choices. She will begin at 11am in the Main Auditorium. Everyone is welcome.

We are hoping to plan an end of semester trip as well.


The Peer Review Committee in in the process of completing the following peer evaluations:

Denise Shaw will evaluate Kathryn Brackett
Avery Fouts will evaluate Shandra Brannon and Mary Mason
Valarie Edwards will evaluate Bob Redman
Tony Gavalas will evaluate Bill Taylor
Connie Park will evaluate Linda Taylor and Andrew Miller

A detailed memo of the peer observation process along with the self-evaluation form was sent to candidates for observation on 9/25 by Chair Gavalas. Candidates were informed to fill out and return forms to observer prior to the date of observation. Committee members will contact candidates to arrange a date for observation. The committee will reconvene in early November to review observations and complete our tasks for the semester. The Committee should have all work for the Fall, 2006 semester completed by December 1, 2006.


Strategic Planning -- Created strategic planning group. Began working on task groups relating to Strategic Goal #1, Increasing enrollment.

Campus Dean/Academic Dean – Working to collapse two positions into Campus Dean Position. Developing a plan to cover critical aspects of both positions.

Campus Grounds Improvement – Work group created to improve the physical appearance of the campus in the area towards Main Street. Work group composed of Mr. Kennedy and Col. Denton of the Union/Laurens Commission, Mayor Morgan, Dean Edwards, Ducky Lawson, and Hugh Rowland. Group has had survey of property updated and is working towards (1) removing the gravel driveways that are on USC Union property towards Main Street; (2) reseeding the area where driveways removed; (3) removing debris that is on USC Union property behind the Main Street businesses; and (4) getting city to close and remove pavement on short street between Truluck and depot. Dean Edwards initiated cleaning/repainting of USC Union gazebo. City did work. Commission initiated cutting and removal of dead or dying trees.

Robotics Project – Created task force to work on project. Met with Spartanburg Community College officials to begin planning the education and training parts of the project. Discussions concerning the building construction on Rt. 176 north and management of the facility will begin in the near future. Faculty Staffing Plan will need to be revised to prepare for additional demands that we will incur in Physics, Math, Computer Science, and English.

Nursing Project – Traveled to USC Salkehatchie to learn the "do’s and don’ts" of exploring potential for creating a nursing program at USC Union. Dean Edwards has met with some key people at USC Columbia concerning some encouragement and support that campus could give us. Dean Edwards has initiated a meeting with the new CEO of Wallace Thompson Hospital to explore the possibility of creating a nursing program.

Facilities Planning – Created facilities planning group. Susan Jett has agreed to chair. Currently revising facilities request form.

Web Page Revisions – Created working group to improve USC Union webpage and consider redesign elements. Group is composed of Bob Kearse, Bill Fetty, and Hugh Rowland.

Smoking Policy – Creating task force of stakeholder (faculty, students, and staff) to make recommendations on how to implement policy. Bob Kearse agreed to chair task force.

Arts Council/Music Club of Union – Co-sponsored two piano concerts: Ryan Smith and Emile Pandolfi. Will host in the Main Building Foyer the Arts Council Art Exhibition/Judging in November.

Student Evaluations – Redesigned aspects of the student evaluation system. Efforts of Professor Simpson and Mary Jo Rogers.

Scheduling – Completed 2007 spring schedule; will begin work on summer 2007, fall 2007, and spring 2008 in near future.

Educational Effectiveness Measures – Presented programs at the Union/Laurens Commission on Higher Education and Union County Rotary Club on educational effectiveness measures developed by Professor Simpson.

Writing Effectiveness – Writing Effectiveness Committee, chaired by Professor Shaw, is continuing its assessment work; developed writing effectiveness model (placement testing and grading rubric) over summer and Shaw and Ivey began testing it.

Critical Thinking – Appointed Avery Fouts to head up effort to begin work on assessing critical thinking.

Smart Classroom Coordinator -- Randy Ivey, coordinator of "smart classroom" environments, continuing to work on developing policies and procedures.

SGA Thanksgiving Lunch - The annual SGA Thanksgiving Lunch will be held on Wednesday, November 15 in the Truluck Activities Center at 12 noon. Please bring $2.00 or two cans of food as admissions price.

Christmas Decorations and Events – Christmas decorations will be up and lighted before November 16 which is the City of Union Downtown Christmas Kick-off. The "Trim the Tree" social will be held November 27 at 4 PM in the lobby of the Main Building. Refreshment will be served, carols sung, and tree decorated. Students, faculty and staff will be encouraged to bring personalized ornaments with their name and year on them.

The Christmas Luncheon for Faculty and Staff - The Christmas luncheon for the faculty and staff will be held on Monday, December 11 at 12 noon at the Inn at Merridun. Invitations will be out shortly and responses are required.