12 Noon, Friday, November 11, 2005 - Community Room

Bishop, Buchanan, Charles, Edwards, Fouts, Hudson, Ivey, Kearse, Rowland, Shaw, Wright
Absent:Holcomb, Hooper, Simpson, Young, Gavalas, Fatemi, Stokes

Chair Charles announced next semester’s meeting dates: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 17, and Apr. 14. There were no objections to those dates.

Minutes were approved as posted to list serve.


A. Faculty Advisory - Dr. Charles: No report
B. Academic Affairs - Dr. Buchanan (Attachment 1)
Dr. Buchanan reported that the Academic Affairs Committee met on Thursday, November 10, 2005, to discuss an apparent conflict between a course that is listed as satisfying 3 hours of natural sciences requirements for the USCU associate degree (AA and AS) and the description of the course in the USCU Bulletin. The description for the course indicates: "Not for natural sciences credit". The members saw no need to seek revision of our degree programs; rather, they unanimously agreed that they should change the description of the course in the USCU Bulletin to read: "Can be used for natural sciences credit in USCU Associate degree programs only." Dr. Buchanan presented a recommendation to the Faculty Organization in the form of a motion, and the motion unanimously carried.
C. Student Affairs - Mr. Ivey: No report
D. Financial Affairs - Mr. Simpson: No report
E. Faculty Welfare - Dr. John Wright: No report
F. Regional Campuses Faculty Senate - Dr. Hudson, Dr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fatemi
Dr. Hudson reported that a copy of the minutes of the September 9, 2005, Regional Campuses Faculty Senate meeting was posted to Listserv. She reviewed two items from the minutes: 1) the 3 % pay raise for university faculty approved by the SC General Assembly, and 2) President Sorensen’s prediction of the changes within the next five years to include a lessened load for faculty at the regional campuses.  The minutes of the meeting are on the web at http://rc.sc.edu/RCFS/minutes.html
G. Columbia Senate - Mr. Kearse: Posted to list serve. (Attachment 2.)
Bob Kearse indicated that the entire meeting could be viewed through the website.
H. Library Report – Terrence Kemper
Mr. Kemper reported that he is currently reviewing collections, and his plan will be limited due to budget restraints. He identified three major problems: 1) mold, 2) HVA system, and 3) carpet. He will start training on the new Millennium System in January. He requested that each faculty member give him a copy of their syllabi and table of contents from each text used in the Spring 2006 semester. He will use the information to build the resources needed.

A. Staff Organization - Mrs. Hooper: No report
B. Recruitment/Retention - Mr. Young: No report
C. Financial Aid - Mr. Holcomb: No report
D. Laurens Campus - Mrs. Parker: No report
E. OSP Report - Mrs. Stokes: Posted to list serve. Attachment 3
F. Peer Review Report - Mr. Simpson:
Thomas Simpson reported that the peer review efforts were almost completed, and the final reporting would be finished by the end of the week of 11/18/05.
G. Institutional Effectiveness - Mr. Simpson:
Thomas Simpson indicated that the IPEDS reports were completed. The numbers indicate an upward trend. Performance Indicators will soon be replaced with the Malcolm Baldridge report. President Sorensen has a committee working on the criteria that will be used. The shift to the Baldridge report is a reflection of the preferences of CHE and President Sorensen rather than the legislature.
H. Palmetto College - Dr. Wright: No Report
I. Research Productive Scholarship – Dr. Hudson
Dr. Hudson indicated that there would be a Research and Productive Scholarship committee meeting held in the Distance Ed classroom following the faculty meeting. The meeting would be bridged with Lancaster, Sumter, Salk, and Columbia.

Dean Edwards’ Report (combined with Dr. Rowland's report)

1. Dean Edwards stressed that the tuition for Palmetto College is the same as the Columbia campus, not the USC Union fee. He wants to avoid any confusion on behalf of the students when they pay for their tuition.

2. As discussed at the last meeting, Union has helped three Katrina students directly, getting one enrolled in Clemson, one as a full-time student on our campus, and one as a concurrent student at Jonesville High School. The initial agreement with the students was based on free tuition and books without any payback provision. In a later communiqué from Columbia, it was noted that a repayment agreement was supposed to be signed for reimbursement. Union will honor the original agreement

3. There are three issues with respect to Palmetto College: 1) the tuition rate, 2) which institution gets the credit for the Palmetto student (Currently, Columbia receives the credit even if the class is taught by a Union professor), and 3) the caps attached to the classes. The cap is ten at Union and five at Laurens. The student count is taken from the fall semester, not spring, for the formal record.

4. Dean Edwards discussed the TERI Program, and the numerous issues that Union will face as a result of the TERI Program. The pay for a TERIed employee will start at base, which is much below the current level. The At Will doctrine will apply to TERIed employees, i.e., no long term contracts. If a TERIed worker is hired full time, the process has to go through the Provost; however, on a course by course basis, it can be handled at the local institution. State HR and Budget will be involved in the process. Retiring employees will include Brenda Childers (Mar), Drs. Charles and Buchanan (Apr), Tony Keasler (Jun), and Dean Edwards (Dec).

5. Provost Becker was scheduled to speak at the Rotary Club on December 13 and had to cancel. The revised date was discussed and tentatively set for Mar17. An alternate date of Mar 3 was given should the Mar 17 date not be convenient for Provost Becker.

6. Dean Edwards wanted to remind everyone of several upcoming dates as follows:

Regional Faculty Senate Meetings November, 18, 2005, February 17, 2006, and April 7, 2006
Annual SGA Thanksgiving Dinner November, 16, 2005

Bookstore Tent Sale:

November 18, 2005

Retirement luncheon for Dr. Wright

November 30, 2005
Reading Day December 3, 2005
Faculty/Staff Christmas Party: December 16, 2005
Holidays: December 23 – January 2
(The Governor has the authority to add December 22)




Respectfully submitted
Deborah C. Hudson, reporting for Anthony N. Gavalas, Secretary
Faculty Organization

Attachment 1: Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee met on 11/10/2005 to discuss an apparent conflict between a course that is listed as satisfying 3 hours of natural sciences requirements for the USCU associate degrees (AA and AS) and the description of the course in the USCU Bulletin. The description for the course indicates: "Not for natural sciences credit." Since our degree programs have been approved by the USCU Faculty Organization and the Regional Campuses Faculty Senate, the members of the Academic Affairs Committee saw no need to seek revision of our degree programs. Rather we unanimously agreed that we should change the description of the course in the USCU Bulletin to read: "Can be used for natural sciences credit in USCU degree programs only." As chair I will present our recommendation to the Faculty Organization in the form of a motion at our 11/11/2005 meeting.

Dr. Stephen R. Buchanan
Prof. of Psychology/Academic Coordinator
University of South Carolina at Union
Union, South Carolina 29379-1902
(864)429-USCU FAX (864)427-7252
e-mail buchanan@gwm.sc.edu

Attachment 2 - Columbia Senate Report

The Palmetto College BLS proposal was not voted on and not even mentioned though it had again appeared in the Curricula and Courses Committee report as an item to be voted on. I queried Dr West at RCCE and she said they had not ironed out the objections of the math department senator who caused the proposal to be remanded at last month's meeting until after the C&C had met. She says the proposal will be voted on at next month's meeting.

Chair John McDermott of the Faculty Budget Committee reported his committee had been, in sessions with the financial folks, enlightened and now understands better the budget and the budget process. President Sorensen in his later report reiterated his desire to have any mystery removed by making the budget process a clear and open process and told Chair McDermott to let him know if the committee needed more information/explanations.

Chair William Bearden of the University Athletics Advisory Committee introduced AD Eric Hyman who made a ten minute presentation on his philosophy and goals for the athletic department. He left copies of an ed op article written to explain the new athlete drug testing policy for senators who had not already read it.

Streaming video of the entire session is to be posted to the faculty senate web site and the minutes will be posted as well. http://www.sc.edu/faculty/meetings.shtml

Attachment 3: OSP Report - Tammy Stokes

We've finished up our workshops for the semester.

On 10/17 we had a good turnout for our workshop with Dr. Charles. Thanks to the faculty members who joined us for this event!

We also held workshops on Oct. 24 and Nov. Nov. 7th with great turnouts. The students seem to really be enjoying the workshops (I'm sure free lunch doesn't hurt) this semester!

Mike and Tammy have been super busy advising students this month. Many of our students have already been in take advantage of early registration.

We will be partnering with the AAA to take a road trip to Winthrop College on Friday, Dec. 4th.

Tammy will be on maternity leave from mid-December through the end of January. Mike, Alice and Randy along with our 4 PMT's will be here during that time. A search for a new counselor will begin when Tammy returns.

Please provide Alice with a copy of your spring syllabus for the OSP Lab.

Everyone have a great holiday!