12 Noon, Friday, March 24, 2006 - Commission Conference Room



Present: Buchanan, Charles, Dean Edwards, Valerie Edwards, Fatemi, Fouts, Gavalas, Hudson, Ivey, Kearse, Rowland, Simpson, Stokes

Absent: Holcomb, Hooper, Shaw, Young



Minutes were approved as posted to list serve.



    A.     Faculty Advisory - Dr. Charles: No report

    B.     Academic Affairs - Dr. Buchanan: No report

    C.     Student Affairs - Mr. Ivey: No report

    D.     Financial Affairs - Mr. Simpson: No report

    E.      Faculty Welfare -  No report

    F.      Regional Campuses Faculty Senate - Dr. Hudson, Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Fatemi: Posted to list serve.

    G.     Columbia Senate - Mr. Kearse: Posted to list serve.  Attachment 1



    A.     Staff Organization - Mrs. Hooper: No report

    B.     Recruitment/Retention - Mr. Young: No report

    C.     Financial Aid - Mr. Holcomb: No report.

    D.     Laurens Campus - Mrs. Parker: No report

    E.      OSP Report - Mrs. Stokes: Posted to list serve.  Attachment 2

    F.      Peer Review Report - Mr. Simpson: No report

    G.     Institutional Effectiveness - Mr. Simpson: Positive response regarding USCU’s Strategic Plan was received from Chris Plyler.

    H.     Palmetto College - Dr. Buchanan: Palmetto College has been renamed Palmetto Programs.


DEAN EDWARDS REPORTDean Edwards reported the following:

1.   Search being untaken to replace Brenda Childers, who retires March 31, 2006.

2.   There will be a slight funding increase in next years appropriations for USCU.


DEAN ROWLAND’S REPORT:  Dean Rowland reported the following:


1.      Hired temporary replacement (part-time) for Assistant Director, Sharon Rupp

2.      Reviewing library “collection: budget with respect to (1) building collection, (2) databases, (3) periodicals, (4) reference materials.


Academic Affairs:

1.      Rowland and Simpson completed strategic plan (annually mandated by Columbia); good preliminary feedback from Provost’s office on our plan.

2.      Developed course schedule for AY 2006-2007; fall schedule sent out

3.      Per mayor of Union, will be ready to move ahead with talks with Union County officials and Spartanburg Tech about ways to address some of education needs of new industry; some part may appear in the press in coming weeks as part of larger story relating to new stamping industry

4.      The ad hoc committees, conjointly with Faculty Organization, to study (1) writing effectiveness and (2) to develop classroom technology plan making good progress





     1. Approved plans for Academic Awards ceremony for Tuesday, April 18th, 7:00 PM.

     2. Approved proposal by Bobby Holcomb for Junior Scholars Program.

     3. Elected John C. Crocker as recipient of Best All Around Student Award for 2005-2006.

     4. Thomas Simpson announced that Deborah Hudson, Avery Fouts, and Randy Ivey were finalists in Faculty Member of Year award.  Final selection and announcement will be made shortly.

     5. Elected Avery Fouts to Regional Campus Faculty Senate.

     6. Approved plan for election of students to “Who’s Who in American Schools and Colleges” as follows:

         a. Students will be nominated by Faculty to a common pool as in the past.

         b. Faculty will vote by secret ballot on students in common pool of nominees.

         c. Any student receiving three negative votes will not be elected to Who’s Who.


NEXT MEETING OF FACULTY ORGANIZATION:  Friday, April 14, 2006, 12:00 noon.




Respectfully submitted

Anthony N. Gavalas, Secretary

Faculty Organization





Columbia Senate Report

Mar 1, 2006 Meeting 

1.  Course and curricula changes were approved for Arts & Sciences, Business, HRSM, Mass Comm, and the Honors College. 

2.  A most interesting report from the Budget Committee on the budget and it’s process is now posted to the web.  If you would like to delve in to the  budget process see the “Guide” at http://www.sc.edu/faculty/PDF/BudgetGuide.pdf 

3.  Pres Sorensen:
    a.  Introduced Brad Choate, new Assoc VP for Advancement
    b.  Noted Columbia campus visits aimed at promoting USC by people of national prominence such as Chairman of the NSF, US Surgeon General, Sec of    HHS, and the head of the CDC.
    c.  Invited all to the 5pm ceremony to install the new SGA Pres and VP
    d.  Announced a $1 million grant from Wachovia to promote African American bank officers and an $800,000 grant from the Keck Foundation for a     tissue/biomed lab.
    e.  Stated Innovista is progressing
    f.  Announced efforts to recruit hi tech companies to move in to Innovista

5.  Provost Becker:
    a.  Introduce VP Pastides who reported on dean searches for Pharm and Med, then reported progress on final stages of dean searches for Law and Eng and IT.
    b.  For the second straight meeting talked about podcasting of lectures.  I would have to say this is definitely his hot button and web access to some of this is gearing up.  USC will soon have its own channel for podcasting.
    c.  Announced a blue ribbon panel offshoot of the Faculty Advisory Committee, incorporating some T&P and Grievance folks, to study what’s working and what’s not with the T&P process

6.  Chair Reeder announced:
    a.  An upcoming appointment of a special committee to study problems with T&P.
    b.  After amendments to the Intellectual Property policy were offered by a med school senator and discussed, agreed to appoint a special committee to study the problems with the current policy.  Amendments were then tabled. 

Minutes and streaming video of the entire meeting will be posted to: http://www.sc.edu/faculty/meetings.shtml




In the last month, OSP events included:
co-sponsored the Black History Month Event on Feb. 22nd
Held a workshop on personal goal setting on Feb. 27th
Taken a group of students to USC Upstate's Fabulous Friday on Mar. 3rd
Hung posters and handed out buttons and bookmarks in celebration of Women's History Month
Co-hosted a showing of the film "Iron Jawed Angels" with Dr. Denise Shaw Mar. 20th & 22nd

Upcoming happenings include:
Friday, Mar 31st: Visit to Limestone College
Wed, Mar. 29th: Financial Aid workshop with Bobby Holcombe
Mon. Mar. 3rd: Career workshop with Michael Moton
Apr. 7th - 9th: OSP RoadTrip to Atlanta, GA (Visit Georgia State University, World of Coca-Cola Museum, MLK Center)
Mon. Apr. 10th: Faculty Roundtable with Dr. Buchanan
Wed. Apr. 19th: OSP Luncheon honoring OSP graduates

AND early registration!

We have not yet filled the open counselor position, but have advertised. PMT's have been somewhat busy this semester, but the spring semester is always slow.

We will start thinking about OSP events for the upcoming academic year very soon. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.