11 January 2007
Smart Classroom – C109

Buchanan, Charles, V. Edwards, Fatemi, Fetty, Fouts, Gavalas, Ivey, Kearse, Rowland, Shaw, Simpson, Stokes, Taylor
Absent: Holcomb, Lee, Young

Minutes were approved.

A.    Faculty Advisory – No report
B.   Academic Affairs – Meeting scheduled for 1/22/07 to review policies on student attendance, independent studies, and travel for research and scholarship.
C.   Student Affairs – No report.
D.   Financial Affairs – Meeting scheduled on 2/23 to review applications for scholarships (application deadline 2/1/07).
E.   Faculty Welfare – Faculty satisfaction survey forthcoming this semester.
F.   Regional Campuses Faculty Senate – Dr. Shaw reported that the Rights and Responsibilities committee presented a written policy and procedure for external review (a Tenure and Promotion process) to the body for review. Vote on policy will take place at next Senate meeting.
G.   Columbia Senate – Mr. Kearse reported that minutes of last meeting posted online.

A.    Staff Organization – No report
B.   Recruitment/Retention – Mr. Simpson reported that enrollment appears to be up from last spring. Exact numbers not available as late registration is still in progress.
C.   Financial Aid – Attached. (Attachment I)
D.   Laurens Campus – No report
E.   OSP Report – No report
F.    Peer Review Report – Fall evaluations of adjunct faculty were successfully completed. Committee will meet in the next few weeks to schedule spring evaluations of full-time faculty.
G.   Institutional Effectiveness – Mr. Simpson noted that USC Union’s graduation rate for 2002 (latest figures available) is at 69.8% -- the highest in campus history. Assessment of student performance in English and Math is ongoing in preparation for SACS evaluation in 2011.

IV. Dean’s Report
Dean Rowland’s report attached. (Attachment II)


The University is implementing a system-wide change in email providers and faculty was advised by Mr. Kearse to establish an archive of emails from current system for future reference as the old and new email systems will not interface.

Mr. Kearse distributed policies and procedures regarding new multimedia carts for review.  An orientation on cart use was conducted by Mr. Kearse on 1/10/07.

Mr. Gavalas noted that student volunteers are needed for mission work in Louisiana and Mississippi to aid in ongoing relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina (trip is being coordinated with a local Methodist church).  10 – 15 students are needed for the mission, which will take place sometimes in May.  Dean Rowland will investigate fundraising possibilities to defray costs for student volunteers

Mr. Gavalas requested a more efficient method of keeping faculty updated on campus events that coincide with scheduled class times. Dean Rowland will investigate issue and an appropriate methodology of communication with his staff.

VII. Announcements
The first "Professor Pow Wow" will be held at noon on 1/29/07 (place of meeting forthcoming).

The next meeting of the faculty organization will be on March 2, 2007 at 10a in Room C109 (Smart Classroom).

Office hours need to be posted before classes start.

Final exam schedule for Spring 2007 is available on the campus’s homepage.

Faculty needs to forward a copy of syllabi to the following departments before classes begin: Academic Affairs, OSP, Library.

VIII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Denise Shaw
Secretary, Faculty Organization



ATTACHMENT I – Financial Aid Report

Financial Aid Report (report covers August thru December 2006)

Update on LIFE and LTAP recipients and some history:

06-07 68 233
05-06 69 210
04-05 82 225
03-04 62 129
02-03 43 107
01-02 44  
00-01 30  
99-00 37  
98-99 29  

September 8, 2006: The SC Guidance Conference for upstate SC was held on our campus. Approximately 130 guests were on campus for the conference.

September 12, 21 & 21, 2006: Scholarship Workshops were held at Lewisville, Spartanburg and Broome High Schools.

September 18, 19 and October3, 2006: Senior/Parent Workshops were held in the Union County High Schools

October 16, 18 and 20, 2006: Terry and Bobby will visit the 22 high schools in the USCU recruiting area for individual meetings.

October 26, 2006: Bobby and Naida have a Quarterly Regional Campuses Financial Aid Workshop in Columbia.

October 27, 2006: Bobby will attend a SC Guidance Conference Meeting wrap-up sessions in Columbia.

November 10, 2006: USCU will host the annual Fall Guidance Conference Luncheon for area guidance counselors.

November 30, 2006: Gaffney HS Financial Aid Workshop.

December 4, 2006: Union High School Financial Aid Workshop.

December 5, 2006: Blacksburg High School Financial Aid Workshop.

December 6, 2006: Bobby and Naida attend year end Regional Campuses Financial Aid Meeting in Columbia.

December 14, 2006: Jonesville High School Financial Aid Workshop.

December 18, 2006: The IACT will be administered on our campus.


Important Dates to Remember:

7 p.m. Thursday, March 8, 2007 USCU Junior Scholars
7 p.m. Thursday, April 19, 2007 USCU Awards Ceremony
10 a.m. Friday, April 20, 2007 FREE FRIDAY


ATTACHMENT II – Dean Rowland’s Report

To: Faculty Organization, USC Union
From: Hugh C. Rowland, Dean
Date: 1-11-2007
Re: Dean's Report

Strategic Planning -- Working on revision of 5-year strategic plan. Required to revise early each calendar year in preparation for Baldrige Report (assessment of our progress, shortcomings, and recommended changes) due at end of each summer. Simpson developed draft that committee is reviewing. Increasing enrollment will, no doubt, continue to be Strategic Goal #1.

Campus Dean/Academic Dean – Working to collapse two positions into Campus Dean Position. Developed plan to cover critical aspects of both positions. Plan calls for greater responsibility from Enrollment Services Director (Young) and Institutional Effectiveness Office (Simpson); addition of a new "assistant to the dean" position, and addition of a new "admission recruiter" position.

Campus Grounds Improvement and Facilities

Master Plan -- Initiating process for development of a master plan for the campus, per strong request from our CHE leaders and key local politicians.

Plan New Building -- In annual CPIP report, developed by Lee, calls for new building to address needs for natural science labs, library, and classroom needs. Lee and Jett beginning to work on developing a plan for new building. CPIP report also asks for additional funds to fix up buildings and landscape campus. Group from USC Columbia will visit campus in early March to review our requests and provide advice. Group from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (SC CHE) and the South Carolina Budget and Control Board will come in late March or early April to review our requests.

Union/Laurens Commission on Higher Educations (CHE) Action -- Continue to review and cull trees that are dying or at the point of no new growth & danger of falling on buildings/wires.

Bats in Main Building -- Lawson authorized to hire a company to remove bats and seal up attic of Main Building.

Paving Parking Lots -- Lawson working with USC Columbia staff to pave/repair and stripe parking lots.

Gazebo -- City of Union refurbished Gazebo at no cost to University.

Auditorium -- Discussions being held to consider installing permanent projector and retractable screen in Main Building Auditorium. Consideration also being given to improving audio system.

Facilities Planning -- Continuing to review and revise facilities planning process.

Emergency Alert System -- CHE beginning to consider ways to develop an emergency alert system in each office and classroom.

Robotics Project – Strategic Planning Group met with local politicians and Spartanburg Community College officials to beginning planning the Union County Robotics Center building on Rt. 176 north . Have invited David Just, Vice President of Continuing Education for Spartanburg Community College, to speak to the Union Rotary Club in February.

Nursing Project – Dean has initiated meeting with USC Columbia Dean of Nursing. Will soon meet with Dean of Nursing at USC Upstate.

Scheduling – Simpson has completed summer 2007 schedule and preliminary fall 2007 schedule; will finalize soon and begin work on spring 2008 in near future. Simpson and Young are now heading up scheduling as part of their larger responsibilities for the whole Enrollment Management domain.

Writing Effectiveness – Writing Effectiveness Committee, chaired by Professor Shaw, is continuing its assessment work. Shaw and Ivey implemented a writing effectiveness model (placement testing and grading rubric) that Shaw had developed over the summer. Review of results of a pre-test and post-test data from fall 2006 ENGL 1001 classes will soon be undertaken.

Smart Classroom Coordinator -- Randy Ivey, coordinator of "smart classroom" environments, continuing to work on developing policies and procedures.

Black History Month Activities – Attendance encouraged at all events. Faculty also encouraged to promote with students in class.

USC Upstate – Met with Chancellor Stockwell, Academic Vice President Avery, and Dean of Business Parker. Initiated discussion of ways our two institutions could look for "win-win" opportunities. Reviewed the USC Upstate master plan, discussed how plan can be used in fund-raising and alumni efforts, and took campus tour to discuss how plan is being implemented. Will follow up soon with in-depth meetings with business and nursing deans.

Community Indicators, Economic Development Task Force – Chairing Economic Development Task Force to develop a plan for setting "baseline indicators" of economic development in Union County. Part of a larger, county-wide effort, under the auspices of the Upstate Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and United Way, to develop similar indicators (or measures) for a variety of areas relating to the health of the county.