FRIDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2006 12:00pm

Present: Simpson, Charles, Buchanan, Ivey, Bishop, Kemper, Fatemi, Roland, Edwards, Kearse, Shaw, Hudson, Stokes, Holcombe.
Absent: Gavalas, Hooper, Young, Parker.

I. Reading/Approval of Minutes of 13 January 2006.
The minutes were approved unanimously.

II. Reports of Standing Committees

A. Faculty Advisory – Dr. Charles
No report.

B. Academic Affairs – Dr. Buchanan
No report.

C. Student Affairs – Mr. Ivey
The committee met on applications and acted favorably.

D. Financial Affairs – Mr. Simpson
The committee will meet on scholarships on 2/24. 119 applications were received, with 97 eligible.

E. Faculty Welfare – Ms. Fatemi
No report.

F. Regional Campuses Faculty Senate – Dr. Hudson
No report. RCFS meets on 2/17.

G. Columbia Senate – Mr. Kearse
E-mailed to faculty (Attachment I). The controversy on intellectual property is getting out of hand. Several lawsuits may be filed by professors against the University.

H. Librarian’s Report – Mr. Kemper
$10,000 worth of databases and books has been ordered. Mr. Kemper has been getting training on the library computers.

III. Reports of Special Committees

A. Staff Organization – Ms. Hooper
No report.

B. Recruitment/Retention – Mr. Young
Posted to listserv (Attachment II).

C. Financial Aid – Mr. Holcombe
Posted to listserv (Attachment III). The Junior Scholars program is 3/23 with Jack Roper speaking. Awards Night is 4/18, which is a Tuesday.

D. Laurens Report – Ms. Parker
No report.

F. OSP Report – Ms. Stokes
Posted to listserv (Attachment IV).

G. Peer Review – Mr. Simpson
The committee will meet following the Faculty Organization meeting.

H. Institutional Effectiveness – Mr. Simpson
Mr. Simpson and Dr. Rowland have been working on the Strategic Plan. Many changes are being made due to more stringent SACS requirements and the Balridge assessment plan that CHE and the Legislature are implementing to replace Performance Indicators. These changes will change the way everything is done at USC Union, but Dr. Rowland added that no one is sure how the changes will be done.

I. Palmetto College – Dr. Buchanan
Dr. Shaw will participate in the fall. Dr. Buchanan will be a trainer this summer.

IV. Reports of Deans

A. Dean’s Report – Dean Edwards
Committees are being formed to begin the search for a new Campus Dean, a Financial/Business Manager, and Administrative Assistant to the Dean/Human Resources Coordinator and a Maintenance Supervisor.

B. Associate Dean’s Report – Dr. Rowland
Interviewing candidates for temporary replacement (part-time) for Assistant Director
Developed integrated system for (1) tracking purchases for collection (books, reference materials, DVDs, etc.), databases, periodicals, and future releases; (2) reconciling purchases with budgets; and (3) planning future purchases
Developing system for tracking availability of databases, charges back to USC Union, and rationale for purchasing databases for which we are charged
Begun developing strategic plan and budget request for library
Increased in-class library literacy presentations for faculty

Academic Affairs
Rowland and Simpson writing strategic plan (annually mandated by Columbia)
Developing course schedule for AY 2006-2007
Reviewing faculty staffing with respect to "post-TERI" environment
Working with Admissions and Financial Aid to address current needs of "concurrent student" program with Union County High Schools
Exploring idea of an "honors academy" with Union County School Superintendent
Talking with Union County officials and Spartanburg Tech about ways to address some of educational needs of new industry
Assisting Bob Kearse with staffing of "smart classroom" and Library; working with Bob Kearse to address proctor roles related to smart class courses
Exploring need for "Blackboard" training for faculty
Working with USC Upstate to iron out course issues for "change of school" students
Initiating ad hoc committees to study, conjointly with Faculty Organization, (1) writing effectiveness; (2) to develop classroom technology plan; (3) policies and procedures relating to study behavior in "smart classroom" environments

V. Unfinished Business

VII. New Business
Dr. Hudson and Mr. Simpson were selected to serve on the search committee for a new Campus Dean. They will serve along with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Perrin from the Commission, Alice Hooper from the USC Union staff, Pam Hayes from the Regional Campuses office, Dr. Ann Carmichael from USC Salkehatchie, and Brenda Childers (ex officio). Dr. Plyler will coordinate the committee to meet before or after the Founder’s Day ceremony.

VIII. Announcements
The next meeting will be Friday, March 24, 2006 at the special time of 10a. Provost Becker will be in attendance.

X. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 1:05p



Columbia Senate Report
Feb 1, 2006 Meeting

1. A new degree in Neuroscience and a change in the curriculum for the BS in Computer Information Systems were approved.
2. The policy for graduation with honors was amended:
   Summa – Gpa range of 3.95 – 4.00 (a relaxation of the prior requirement of 4.00)
   Magna – Adjustment of range accordingly
3. A report on the budget and it’s process is to be posted to the web shortly.
4. The Welfare Committee is exploring tuition waivers and will be conducting a survey.
5. Provost Becker:
   a. Reported progress on Dean searches for Eng and IT, Law, and Pharm.
   b. Announced a study to reorganize the Provost’s office to include new positions of Ombudsman and a new VP for Faculty Development
   c. Reported the T & P requirements of the faculty manual are being adhered to in the areas of teaching and service. Several folios falling short in the area of   service have been returned.
6. Pres Sorensen:
   a. Arrived late because he was briefing a House Ways and Means subcommittee on the budget.
   b. He made several interesting points about the state budget proposals recently in the news:
       1. A sales tax trade off for property taxes will cost the university an additional $2.8 million in sales taxes.
       2. Funding should correctly be based on FTE and if so the statistics about percentage increases would show USC’s funding has decreased by 26% since 1996 while like spending in FL, GA, and NC have all increased.
       3. 96% of USC freshmen are lottery scholarship students whose average scholarship is $4000+ while tuition is $7000. Thus the real cost to the student is $2000+.
       4. Capping tuition would be ok if we could also cap costs, but utilities (up $4 million) and health care (up $1.3 million) costs are and will continue to rise.
   c. USC has purchased some 18 acres along the Congaree River and will develop it as green space recreation area. Additionally, long time owners of the adjoining property have been approached to join the green space development and have initially reacted favorably.
   d. Reminded faculty that writers of op ed articles, by university policy, must include a disclaimer that their opinions are not those of the university, especially if identifying oneself as a USC professor.
7. Chair Reeder announced:
   a. a study and perhaps revamping of the grade forgiveness policy.
   b. a study and recommendations for changing the Intellectual Property Committee structure and responsibilities. There is an apparently ugly fight going on between 2 med school faculty members, who developed a commercially viable vaccine, competing drug companies, and the USC Office of Intellectual Property.

Minutes and streaming video of the entire meeting will be posted to:


Spring 06 - 5.95% decrease in head count
4.27% decrease in FTE
However, this semester we have a 8.41% head count increase over the fall 05 semester.

We have a 34.2% increase in applications received as compared to this time last year.
We will mail approximately 3000 recruiting letters on Feb. 24.

1. SGA sponsored social will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 15.
2. SGA sponsored blood drive will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

1. I completed my 15th financial aid workshop this academic year on February 2, 2006. These workshops have been evening workshops in the area high schools that USCU serves.
2. The 2006-2007 USCU Scholarship deadline was February 1, 2006. We received 119 scholarship applications. The Scholarship Committee is currently reviewing applications and will meet 2/24/06 to select recipients.
3. The Financial Aid and Business Office will attend a SC Student Loan Corporation Workshop 3/13/06.
4. The Financial Aid Office will attend a Regional Campuses Financial Aid Meeting in Columbia 3/15/06.
5. The USCU Junior Scholars Program is Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 7 p.m. in the USCU Auditorium. The keynote speaker is Jack Roper. Please mark your calendar.
6. The USCU Awards Program will be held Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 7 p.m. in the Main Building Auditorium. Mark your calendar!

I returned to work Monday after being on maternity leave since December. It is good to be back! We will begin a job search for our Academic Specialist position, currently held by Brian Harris, soon. If you know anyone who is interested, it is currently posted on the USC website.

We currently have 147 students listed on our roster. So please encourage your students to utilize the services OSP offers!

Our first workshop was held on Monday, Feb. 6th. Transfer issues were discussed.
Our next workshop will be held on Feb. 27th. Topic: TBA.
OSP will be providing the food for the Black History month event on Feb. 22nd.
OSP will be taking students to the USC Upstate Fabulous Friday on March 3rd.

PMT's are in place and ready to tutor. PMT's are available Monday through Thursday. Schedules are posted around the campus.

PMT's this semester are:
John Crocker
Relicia Baxter
Christine Carlin
Brandi Spencer
Brandy Woods (although she is out right now)
Randy Ivey is also working with us.

Once again, please encourage your students to seek tutoring or help with forming a study group, etc and keep these PMT's busy!