Friday, December 3, 2004, 11:00 AM – Commission Conference Room



Present: Buchanan, Charles, Edwards, Gavalas, Hawley, Ivey, Kearse, Murphy, Simpson, Stokes, Wright,

Absent: Fatemi, Holcomb, Jett, Young

Reading/Approval of Minutes of November 12, 2004

Minutes were approved as posted to list serve.

Reports of Standing Committees

Faculty Advisory - Dr. Charles

No Report

Academic Affairs - Dr. Buchanan

In light of the fact that Dr. Sears is unable to conduct the teacher of the years program due to his retirement, the Faculty Organization set the following as the procedure for election of the teacher of the year during the Spring Semester, 2005:

1. The SGA, under the direction of Mr. Simpson, will conduct and tally the initial balloting.

2. One of the previous year’s runners up, provided he /she is eliminated by initial balloting for this year’s nomination, shall convene and chair the selection committee. The two runner’s up for last year’s Teacher of the Year Award shall determine which of the two shall convene and chair the selection committee, provided of course that one or both are eliminated as a contender for the award this year by the initial balloting.

3. In the event both runner’s up are contenders for this years award, then the Chairperson of the Faculty Organization, or someone he designates shall convene and chair the selection committee.

Student Affairs - Dr. Murphy

No report

Financial Affairs - Mr. Simpson

No Report

Faculty Welfare - Dr. Wright

No Report

Regional Campuses Faculty Senate - Dr. Murphy

4. Dr. Murphy indicated that the Palmetto College implementation committee will meet sometime by the end of the year, as soon as all members have been appointed from the various campuses.

5. Dr. Murphy reported Provost Becker has been advised to consider appointing and continue the Regional Campuses Faculty Advisory Committee.

Columbia Senate - Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright presented no formal report although he indicated that a summer compensation proposal will be published shortly and that the wellness program now operates under the Columbia Senate umbrella.

Reports of Special Committees

Staff Organization – Ms. Jett

See above.

Recruitment/Retention – Mr. Young

See above

Financial Aid – Mr. Holcombe

See above

Laurens Campus – Mrs. Parker

No Report

OSP Report – Ms. Stokes

No Report

Peer Review – Mr. Murphy.

Institutional Effectiveness – Mr. Simpson

No Report

Dean Edwards’ Report

Dean Edwards indicated that a glitch in scheduling for courses offered through Palmetto College is being worked about among the various campuses. It sees that all campuses are not on the same time schedule for class and must be for the Palmetto College effort to work.

Unfinished Business


New Business

Upon motion by Mr. Simpson, seconded by Dr. Gavalas, and after much discussion, the Faculty Organization adopted the following policy for inclusion in all appropriate Campus documents by a vote of 8 in favor, 2 against:

It is faculty policy of USC Union that cell phones be turned off and out of sight during #9; all class session.

The Faculty Organization urges all faculty to incorporate this policy statement in the syllabus for each of the courses offered at USC Union.


The General Faculty Administrative Meeting will take place at 10:00 AM, Wednesday, January 6, 2005. The date and time for the February, 2005 Faculty Organization meeting will be announced at that time.

Adjournment - Adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Anthony N. Gavalas, D. Min.


USCU Faculty Organization