August 21, 2006

Smart Classroom – Central Building


Present: Buchanan, Charles, Dean Edwards, V. Edwards, Fatemi, Fouts, Holcomb, Ivey, Kearse, Rowland, Shaw, Simpson, Stokes, Young

Absent: Gavalas, Hooper


READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF April 2006 MEETING deferred until next Faculty Organization meeting.



List of current committees and members read aloud by Chair.

    A.     Faculty Advisory – No report

    B.     Academic Affairs –Committee met 8/17/06; minutes distributed to committee members. Deborah Hudson’s seat on the committee will now be held by Tammy Stokes.

    C.     Student Affairs – No report

    D.     Financial Affairs – No report

    E.      Faculty Welfare – Terrance Kemper’s seat on the committee will now be held by the new librarian, Bill Fetty.

    F.    Regional Campuses Faculty Senate – Deborah Hudson’s seat on the committee will now be held by Denise Shaw.

    G.    Columbia Senate – Summary minutes of June 2006 meeting are now posted to the web. Changes to the Faculty Manual were approved and can be found online at   http://www.sc.edu/policies/facman/fmhome.html



List of current committees and members read aloud by Chair.

    A.     Staff Organization – No report

    B.     Recruitment/Retention – No report

    C.     Financial Aid – No report

    D.     Laurens Campus – No report

    E.      OSP Report – No report

    F.      Peer Review Report – No report

    G.     Institutional Effectiveness – No report

    H.     Palmetto Programs –No report

    I.     Ad Hoc Writing Efficiency – Committee met 8/17/06 regarding assessment tools. More information to follow during semester.


DEAN EDWARDS REPORTDean Edwards welcomed faculty back to campus and reported the following:

1- Chart of personnel distributed and recent changes discussed:

Faculty has been secured to cover all but one of Dr. Hudson’s courses;

Bill Fetty announced as Librarian at USCU;

Susan Jett announced as Human Resource Director / Dean’s Administrative Assistant;

Michelle Lee announced as Director, Financial Affairs;

Brenda Childers will help with organizing special events through the fall semester;

Donald Lawson announced as Director, Physical Plant & Maintenance.

2- Handout of "Dates to Remember" distributed and discussed, particularly that USC – Union will host the Regional Campus Faculty Senate meeting on 11/17/06.

3- Handout of new secretarial assignments distributed.

4- Housekeeping issues reviewed, including the renovation of two rooms in the Library that will serve as offices for adjunct professors, Student Government Association, African American Association, and possibly the newspaper staff.

5- Policy regarding students with special needs reviewed.

6- Faculty encouraged to participate in and / or lend support to student organizations on campus.


DEAN ROWLAND’S REPORT: Dean Rowland reported on the following:

1- Academic Dean’s position may remain vacant for some time.

2- Emergency numbers and instructions were placed above phones in each classroom.

3- Faculty needs to post office hours.

4- Faculty needs to deposit copies of syllabi with Mary Jo Rogers.

5- Attendance and record keeping policies reviewed.

6- Policy regarding faculty sick leave reviewed.

7- Faculty should allow a 24 hour turn-around time on all duties passed along to secretarial staff.

8-Technology upgrades discussed, including addition of two new multimedia carts. Training sessions for cart use TBA. Issues regarding security and policies for cart use will be explored.

9-Baldrige Report completed 9/15/2006. A working mission statement, long-term strategic goals, and a variety of measures and findings were discussed.





1- Bob Kearse elaborated on Dr. Rowland’s report on new technology and updated faculty on specifics concerning connectivity in the Main Building (not available at this time). Mr. Kearse also advised that new computers in the Library and Computer Lab (Main Building) are in the process of being installed and any changes to faculty web pages should be sent to him.

2- Terry Young discussed enrollment numbers and requested that faculty reconcile class attendance records with VIP class rolls no later than 10/5/2006.

3- Bobby Holcomb reinforced Federal regulations regarding attendance and discussed LIFE scholarship requirements.

4- Motion raised to change Faculty Organization meetings to every other month made by Dr. Charles. USCU Faculty Organization Bylaws reviewed to check guidelines and mandates. Motion then seconded by Ms. Fatemi and approved via majority vote.

5- Blanket motion to elect all part-time faculty, adjuncts, Steve Buchanan, and Bob Kearse as members of Faculty Organization was raised by Ms. Fatemi, seconded by Mr. Ivey, and was approved via majority vote.

6- Mr. Simpson announced that he will kick off a common reading program by having his students read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Students can earn extra credit by attending discussion groups held throughout the semester. Additional faculty members are considering participation in this project.


NEXT MEETING OF FACULTY ORGANIZATION: Dates for AY 06-07 are as follows:  

Friday, 10-6/2006

January, TBA but will immediately follow Dean’s meeting at the beginning of semester

Friday, March 2, 2007

ADJOURNMENT AT 11:45 a.m. motioned by Chair Simpson and seconded by Mr. Ivey.


Respectfully submitted

Dr. Denise R. Shaw. Secretary

Faculty Organization