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Faculty Organization


Full-Time Faculty:
Prof. Tara Fatemi
Dr. Avery M. Fouts

Dr. Majdouline Aziz
Prof. Randall K. Ivey
Dr. Stephen H. Lowe

Dr. Jon R. Lowell
Dr. Helene Maire-Afeli
Prof. J. Lane Mayon

Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart
Dr. Denise R. Shaw

Dr. Joe Anderson


Part-Time Faculty:
Stephen R. Buchanan
Allan D. Charles
Richard Anderson
Brenda Bogan
Gerard R. Bowles
Philip K. Carter
Travis Dalton
Neill M. Hance
Donald Knight
Stephen A. Lemons
Joshua Lindsay
Teresa Mayon
David Mitra
Heather S. Rush
John Savage
Brandon Simpson
Michael Sowelly
Charles T. Sublett,
Jason Chad Ulmer
Kim Windsor
Rosemary Wicker
Mary Woods



Support Staff


Jeremy Black, Information Resource Consultant, IT Department
Tanja R. Black, Administrative Specialist, Bookstore
Keith Camp, Information Resource Consultant, IT Department
John C. Crocker, Career/Transfer Counselor, Opportunity Scholars Program
Stacey Eaves, Administrative Specialist, Bookstore
Tony Gregory, Health & Safety/Security Officer, Dean’s Office
Alice Hooper, TRIO Administrative Specialist, Opportunity Scholars Program
Kim Lawson, Assistant to the Dean, Dean’s Office
Kendra Owens, Administrative Specialist, Academic Affairs
Kendall Reyes, Academic Specialist, Opportunity Scholars Program
Kristie Roberson, Fiscal Technician, Business Office
Sharon L. Rupp, Library Manager, Library
Melissa Stevenson, Library Assistant, Library
Kaitlyn Wade, Admissions Counselor, Student Affairs
Loretta Warr, Administrative Specialist, Student Affairs
Linda Wendel, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Blake Wilson, Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs

Donald R. Lawson, Maintenance Supervisor
Eddie Smith, Buildings and Grounds Specialist






















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