Friday, January 28, 2005, 11:00 AM – Commission Conference Room



Present: Buchanan, Charles, Edwards, Fatemi, Gavalas, Hawley, Hudson, Ivey, Kearse, Parker, Stokes, Wright,

Absent: Holcomb, Jett, Simpson, Young

Special Order of Business – Class Scheduling Beginning Fall, 2005

The published agenda was suspended in order to allow Dr. Buchanan opportunity to present the Class Scheduling Proposal before he had to leave for a subsequent meeting on the Columbia Campus. In essence, as requested by the Palmetto College implementing committee, Dr. Buchanan’s proposal recommended that beginning with the Fall, 2005 Semester, the USC Union Class Schedule be brought into conformity with the Palmetto College Class Schedule. A copy of the proposed class schedule is attached (see attachment 1). After much discussion, and upon motion by Dr. Gavalas, seconded by Dr. Wright, the Faculty Organization adopted the scheduling proposal. Dr. Buchanan was thanked for his hard work in bringing order out of the chaos of scheduling change.

Reading/Approval of Minutes of December 3, 2004

Minutes were approved as posted to list serve.

Reports of Standing Committees

Faculty Advisory - Dr. Charles

No Report

Academic Affairs - Dr. Buchanan

Student Affairs – Mr. Ivey

Mr. Ivey reported that the Student Affairs Committee had considered and denied a grievance from a student who had been caught cheating and had consequently failed the course in which the cheating took place.

Financial Affairs - Mr. Simpson

No Report

Faculty Welfare - Dr. Wright

No Report

Regional Campuses Faculty Senate -

Columbia Senate - Dr. Wright.

Reports of Special Committees

Staff Organization – Ms. Jett

No Report

Recruitment/Retention – Mr. Young

See Attachment 2

Financial Aid – Mr. Holcombe

See Attachment 3

Laurens Campus – Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Parker reported the Laurens campus offers seven courses with a total enrollment of 94 students

OSP Report – Ms. Stokes

See Attachment 4

Peer Review – Mr. Kearse

Mr. Kearse reported that Peer Reviews are on target.

Institutional Effectiveness – Mr. Simpson

No Report

Palmetto College – Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright reported that the Palmetto College has plans already in place to offer courses in English, History, and Psychology, with other courses being developed.

Dean Edwards’ Report

Dean Edwards began his report with a word of caution regarding the outbreak of cheating in the classroom on our campus. He urged all concerned to be vigilant and deal with the problem head on where necessary. Dean Edwards then offered the following:

1. The Smart Classroom is near completion both in Union and Laurens.

2. The Governor’s plan to close the Union and Salkehatchie campus is of some concern but he has been assured it is not likely to happen.

3. Our enrollment increase speaks well for our recruitment efforts.

4. Repairs in the Main Building are complete.

5. Thanks for supporting the Palmetto College effort by going to new schedule

6. Founders Day will be February 7, 2005 in Laurens. Senator David Taylor is to be honored post-humorously.

7. Announced 40th Anniversary of USCU to run from Sept, 2005 to Sept, 2006. The planning Committee for the celebration will be composed of Brenda Childers, Tammy Stokes, Bobby Holcomb, Dean Edwards, and two faculty members.


Unfinished Business


New Business

Mr. Kearse was elected as Campus Representative to the Palmetto College Implementation Committee.

Dr. Gavalas was elected to the Provost Advisory Committee.


The General Faculty Administrative Meeting will take place at 10:00 AM, Wednesday, January 6, 2005. The date and time for the February, 2005 Faculty Organization meeting will be announced at that time.

Adjournment - Adjourned at 12:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Anthony N. Gavalas, D. Min.

Secretary, USCU Faculty Organization




Carolyn West requested that a common Palmetto College schedule of time-slots be approved. Jim authorized me to represent us at a meeting during which the time-slots (listed below) for Palmetto College were approved. These are time slots only for Palmetto College courses, but we could adopt this schedule for all of our courses. I am copying this email to Jim since he needs to advise, but I suggest that we will have an excellent opportunity to discuss this issue at the January 28 faculty meeting. So, with this email I request that Allan place this issue in the agenda as new business. Since I have a meeting in Cola at 1:30, I prefer that we suspend the rule so that we can discuss new business at the beginning of the meeting rather than at the end of the meeting.










11-12:15 p





















M 7-9:30p

T 7-9:30p

W 7-9:30p

TH 7-9:30p





Preliminary USC Union Spring 2005 Enrollment Report

For the second consecutive semester, USC Union has experienced a significant increase in enrollment. Preliminary reports indicate that student head count has increased from 296 (Spring 2004) students to 370 students. This is a 25% increase. The full time equivalency (F.T.E) increased from 188 (Spring 2004) to 229. This is a 21.98% increase. Our classroom seat utilization is 68.7% for all classes on the USC Union Campus.

The Spring 2005 semester student body includes students from ten counties and 21 different high schools. We have students from Union, Chester, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg, Lexington, York, Cherokee, Anderson, and Greenville counties. The high schools represented include Blacksburg, Broome, Chapman, Chesnee, Chester, Clinton, Gaffney, Irmo, Jonesville, Laurens Academy, Laurens District 55, Lockhart, Newberry, R.B. Stall, Sullivan South, Union Christian Day, Union, Westminster Catawba, Whitmire, York, and Midland Valley.

The student body make-up consists of 35% traditional students, 30% high school concurrent students, and 35% non-traditional students. The racial make-up is 74.6 % white, 22.2 % black/African American, .3% American Indian, .3% Asian, .3% Hispanic, and 2 % unknown. The sex breakdown is 63.5 % female and 36.5 % male.




The financial aid office is still processing financial aid for new
students who started classes January 10 and had not completed the
financial aid process.  As of Friday, January 21, 2005 the financial aid
office had disbursed 1,372,265.80 in financial aid.  The total amount
disbursed in 2003-2004 was 1,029,112.90.  Our 2004-2005 disbursements
will increase due to late applicants and summer school 2005 applicants.

I am still conducting high school financial aid workshops.  The last
workshop will be for Chester County at Chester High School on February
1st.  A total of 15 workshops were conducted this year.

The USCU Scholarship deadline is February 1st.  The Scholarship
committee will meet on February 18th to select recipients for the
2005-2006 academic year.  This is a lengthy process and I would like to
thank each member for their hard work!  The members are:  Thomas
Simpson, Bob Kearse and Tammy Stokes.

Letters have been mailed to area high schools requesting nominations
for the USCU Junior Scholars of Excellence.  Please mark your calendar
for this event.  It will be held March 17, 2004 at 7 p.m. in the USCU
Main Building Auditorium.  Miss South Carolina 2004, Ann Ashley Wood
will be the guest speaker.

USCU will be a host site for the 2006 SC Guidance Conference.  In order
to host, I will be a member of the 2005 SC Guidance Conference

As advisors please remember that students attending summer school who
apply for financial aid must have been advised and registered online no
later that April 15, 2005 to be eligible for summer school financial
aid.  I will mail information to all USCU students in March informing
them of this deadline.



OSP will hold its first workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 9th. It was
originally scheduled for the 7th but we moved it so it would not
conflict with Founders Day in Laurens (wanted staff to have the
opportunity to attend).

Mike Moton took a group of students to a leadership conference in
Myrtle Beach Jan 14th-16th. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Mike said our students were the strongest ones there standing up and
asking solid questions to the panelists during workshops. He said he was
very proud and impressed. Although it was very cold, it was a great
experience for them--some of which had never been to the beach.

Interviews for Brad's position are complete and we've offered the
position to Brian Harris. Brian is a Lockhart graduate who took the same
route as so many of our students: first generation college student to
USC Union to USC Upstate. He then went on to Converse for his Masters.
We hope he will be a great addition to the program. He will start next
Tuesday. Please come by and welcome him.

We are currently working on processing new student paperwork. We've had
many new students apply already.

The PMT's are onboard and ready to help students. Please encourage your
students to utilize our services!

As always, we hope you'll encourage your students to come in and talk
with any member of the OSP staff about their degree goals. We REALLY
want to get them on track to being successful in their endeavors.

Tammy Weaver Stokes, Director
Opportunity Scholars Program
University of S.C. Union
(864) 429-8728, ext. 7732