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Union County Commission for Higher Education
The Union County Commission for Higher Education was established in 1965 by an act of the state legislature to encourage higher education in Union County. In 1987, the legislature expanded the commission to include Laurens County, and the Union-Laurens Commission for Higher Education was established. At first, the board consisted of seven members and with the creation of the Union-Laurens Commission, two members were to come from Laurens County. In 1995, the membership of the Commission was expanded to nine—seven members from Union County and two from Laurens County.

The Current Members of The Commission Are:
C. Richard Denton, Chair
Deborah H. Littlejohn, Vice-Chair
Brenda C. Childers, Secretary/Treasurer
Patricia C. Craine, Member
Lewis Jeter, Member
J. Steve Hudson, Member
Tim Svedlund, Member
Terry J. Wade, Member





















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