Exciting Changes in the USC Union Library

 If you have not been in the USC Union Library in a while, come by and check out some of our new renovations.

We are very excited to be able to provide a more comfortable and welcoming space for all of our students.  We now have new coat of paint in the library to go along with our new carpeting, which creates a much more relaxing atmosphere.  While we are still waiting for some of of new furniture, our computer carrels have arrived and are currently in the library.  These new computer carrels provide students with a larger work surface and more privacy as the work, and best of all we now have a total of 8 computers for student to use!  We also have a new table next to the computers that seats six and is avalible for studying and collaboration.  We hope by the end of summer, that all our new furniture will be in and installed.  Check back for updates about our new furniture, we will be adding more pictures as it arrives!




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