March is National Women’s History Month


Each year National Women’s History Month employs a unifying theme and recognizes national honorees whose work and lives testify to that theme.  The theme for National Women’s History Month 2012 is Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment.

Although women now outnumber men in American colleges nationwide, this reversal of the gender gap is a very recent phenomenon. The fight to learn was a valiant struggle waged by many tenacious women — across years and across cultures.   This equal opportunity to learn, owes much to Title IX of the Education Codes of the Higher Education Act Amendments.  Passed in 1972 and enacted in 1977, this legislation prohibited gender discrimination by federally funded institutions.  Its enactment has served as the primary tool for women’s fuller participation in all aspects of education from scholarships, to facilities, to classes formerly closed to women.  It has also transformed the educational landscape of the United States within the span of a generation.  

For more information and resources to commemorate multicultural women’s history and to celebrate Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment, visit, WWW.NWHP.ORG.

 (taken from the National Women’s History Project  2012 press release)

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