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Here We Go Again

By: Betty White













Betty White begun her television career in 1949, and it has been going strong for some 60+ years.  Betty has starred in many successful series, had has made numerous guest appearances on game and talk shows. She has also received 6 Emmy awards and 18 Emmy nominations.  In 2010 she was presented with the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.  Betty White is also the recipient of three American Comedy Awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990, and two Viewers for Quality Television Awards. She was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1995 and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2010 Betty became the oldest performer to host “Saturday Night Live” plus she continues to work in movies and primetime TV, most recently in TV Land’s “Hot In Cleveland”.

In this  biography, Betty describes her life in television and how she got started in the business. In these pages Betty talks about many of the important moments in her career, like how she got her start, her biggest roles, and what it was like to work in the industry.  Readers will find “Here We Go Again…” to be an interesting look back at the Golden Age of television and White’s role in it, all while learning more about the personal life of Betty along the way.  One of the many highlights is seeing the black and white photos of Betty displayed throughout the book. 



Meat: A Love Story

By: Susan Bourette













Susan Bourette’s journey to discover meat that she could feel good about eating began after she spend four days as an undercover journal at a meat packing plant.  Resolving to become a vagitatian, Bourette only lasted about six weeks.   She then resolved to find meat she felt good about eating. This quest to discover meat that is socially conscious comprises much of this novel, and this journey takes Bourdette to many places, including Alaska and the cattle ranches of the west.  However, Bourette also covers the broader subject of meat, including the history of American beef and its subcultures and controversies.  Through her investigations, Susan learned to have a greater appreciation for meat, and learned how it can enrich a diet when the animals are treated well, given the proper diet, and not artificially enhanced.  No matter how a reader feels about the process of using animals for meat, this book will instill in them a better understanding for this food group.

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