Microsoft Academic Search

Doing research for a paper or class?  Why not give Microsoft Academic Search a try.  Microsoft Academic Search is similar to Google Scholar,  for those that are familiar with it.   Microsoft Academic Search allows users to search more than 27 million publications and over 16 million authors across a variety of domains.  One of the coolest features of Microsoft Academic Search is that it allows users to visualize and explore academic papers, authors, conferences, and journals in new ways.  Click on screen shot image to view a larger version.

For example, if you enter an author’s name, the author’s profile page will appear with a list of their publications as well as a chart, as seen in the screen shot below.  If there is more than one author by that name, it will provide a list of them, so you can locate the one you are looking for.   

 You can also explore the information that Microsoft Academic Search offers by domain.  To access this option click on one of the two black arrows, this brings up the domain screen listings. From there, you can explore the top papers, authors, conferences, and journals within these domains.

Microsoft Academic Search also allows you to visualize the relationships between researchers who have coauthored publications or cited each other. To get to Visual Explorer, select the “Citation Graph” button near the bottom of the home page. You can then enter an author’s name to visualize their academic relationships with other authors.  You can also select to view a co-author path and a co-author graph for each author. 

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