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Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

By: Christopher McDougall











Born to Run begins with the author asking “Why does my foot hurt?” In search of an answer, Christopher McDougall sets off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets about running. 

Isolated by the most savage terrain in North America, the reclusive Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons are experts in the art of distance running. For centuries they have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest and chase down anything from a deer to an Olympic marathoner. Their superhuman talent is matched by uncanny health and serenity.  Through his time with the tribe, the author was able to uncover new running techniques that helped him to find his own inner ultra-athlete and compete in a fifty-mile race through the heart of Tarahumara country. 

Born to Run in an interesting read that examines the human species inherent running abilities and their impact on our species survival.  A good read, even for those that are not master athletes.  


The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries

By: Mark Lehner











Mark Lehner brings his many years of field research in Egypt to this book by examining the pyramids in unprecedented detail.

The Complete Pyramids surveys and describes the pyramids across their 3,000-year history.   It explains the rituals and mythology of the pyramids; the history of travelers, looters, and archaeologists; and the ways in which the pyramids were an integral part of the Egyptian state.

Both informative and educational, this book is great for anyone wanting to know more about Egypt and the pyramids.    


Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer and Build

By: Peter Goodfellow










Birds are inventive builders, and their nests set the bar for functional design in nature. Avian Architecture describes how birds design, engineer, and build their nests.  Avian Architecture describes all types of nests found around the world using architectural blueprints and detailed descriptions of the construction processes and engineering techniques birds use. This book features 300 full-color images and more than 35 case studies that profile key species worldwide, and each chapter covers a different type of nest. 

Avian Architecture is a fascinating look at the way that birds construct their nests and homes.   Readers will gain insight in to the mystery of their construction in an easy to understand format complete with beautiful photography. 


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